Model Cannon based on the Napoleonic Era

35 cm in length.

Circa 1920.

Model Cannon Gatling inscribed “Colt”

35 cm in length

Circa 1920.


GASSER Revolver 11.2mm Austrian Montenegrin used by mounted troops. An unusual pistol have Camel bone grip.Circa 1870.  Price £1,250. excellent condition. No licence required

French Percussion Overcoat Pistol with Hexagonal shaped barrel. Good condition. Circa 1830. £450.00

A Large military pin fire revolver with good original blueing, A decorative pistol in nice condition. £895.00

This is a rare example of a 17th century book of the Apostles dated 1699. Hidden within a small pocket flintlock pistol. contemporary with the book. Engraved Toulouse  and having a grotesque carving of a mythical creature on the grip. Circa 1700. £1,250.00

A good quality boxed 6 shot rim fire revolver by Wheelock Worcestershire USA Pat’s Sept 7 -Nov 9 1858.  £1,050

A good quality nickel plated and brass 5 shot 36 calibre SAMUEL COLT revolver. New York US America in excellent original condition. Circa 1860  £1,250.

An original NAPOLEONIC era Gendarme Flintlock Pistol. This good example has a brass powder pan inscribed St Etienne, Nice condition Circa 1800 £950.00

Large Military Pin Fire revolver. Having an ivory grip. A decorative pistol in good all round original condition. Circa 1880.  £1,000.00

A good quality Pair of percussion Belt pistols, possibly continental in very nice condition overall. Circa 1820. £1,200.00

Ethan Allen’s 1808-1871 Massachusetts USA. This miniature Allen’s patent single shot Derringer type pocket pistol, is unusual and numbered 600. Circa 1870. £495.00.

A 6 shot pin fire pocket pistol with excellent original nickel plate having prook mark and walnut grip. C1890. £525.00

Hopkins and Allen MFG Co Founded 1868. Small rim fire pocket pistol. Manufactured by the Hopkins and Allen Company in Norwich Connecticut USA inscribed Pat March 28 1871. inscribed “Ranger No 2” with mother of pearl grip. nice condition. price £475.00

Excellent quality miniature pin fire pistol by Liege unusual small size nicely engraved and decorated with carved bird on the grip. Circa 1860  price £435.00. no licence required.

A small quantity of 19th century powder flasks.

A variety of small 19th century items .

 Hopkins and Allen MGF Co founded 1868. This small 5 shot rim fire pocket pistol was manufactured in Norwich Connecticut USA by Allen and Hopkins. inscribed Pat May 27 1879 “Dictator”  god original condition. price £525.00 no licence required.