newAn interesting pair of 19th century French decorative Tazzas gilded bronze and signed by the Sculptor Jules MOIGNIEZ 1835-1894 . Circa 1880. (Price code A)

A very fine Rare Pair of 18th Century French Bronze & Ormolu Candlesticks . Excellent quality very detailed decorated with flowers fruits seeds and foliage. Circa 1830 (Monarch Louis Philippe 1st) (Price code B)

ARTIST:  Louis MAGRE. A contemporary French Artist born 1955. He became passionate about Impressionism. His paintings are vibrant with the warm bright colours of the South of France.  30×30 cm price code A.

Artist: Louis MAGRE. A contemporary French Artist Born in 1955.. Louis became passionate about impressionism. He manages to capture the warmth and light of the South of France. as shown in the picture. sixe 30×30 cm  Price code A.

Artis Louis MAGRE  Born in 1955. A French contemporary Impressionist Painter. This painting is of New York Times Square, mainly monochrome with just a dash of colour. is unusual. Sixe 50x46 Price code A,

Artist:  Louis MAGRE. Born I 1955. A contemporary French Artist  Louis manages to capture the warmth and light of the South of France. sixe 50x50cm Price code A.

Artist: Louis MAGRE born in 1955, Louis is a contemporary impressionist painter. this vibrant picture of New Yorks Times Square is full of life the hustle and bustle. Unusual piece. 50x46. Price code A.

Artist Louis MAGRE. Born 1955, Louis is a Contemporary impressionist painter. Who has had exhibitions in Europe and Also the USA. This iconic painting of  " Les Champs Elysees" is 50x50cm. price code A.