Sculptor :  Pedro Ramon RIGUAL 1900-1925  French

A very realistic and detailed study of  a pair of race horses. Full of movement titled “Saut de la Haie ”  (Jumping the Hedge)  lovely condition. signed circa 1910 40 cm high nose to tail width 43cm.  Price code C

Small gilded  bronze study of a Duck at a pond a small 19th century  match striker  mounted on a marble base

9 cm high  (price code A)   

Sculptor : Emmanuel FREMIET  1824-1910  French

Fremiet was a famous and excellent sculptor of Animals this delightful study of a Queen Cat and her Kittens is circa 1885. overall 21cm wide 9cm High.

Price code B   

Sculptor :  Pretty silvered bronze study of a Bird with an insect on the branch . nice quality circa 1900 12cm high (Price code A)

Sculptor: Maximilien  FIOT.  1886-1953. French. This delightful study of a seated wolfhound. is circa 1930. signed 18 cm high Price Code A

Sculptor: Paul COMOLERA 1818-1897  French This large study of two pigeons. entitled “Deau Pigeons s’aimaient d’ amour tender” mean two pigeons who loved each other tenderly. From the fable Le Fontaine a very fine and detailed bronze. Circa 1886.  code poa

Sculptor: P J Mene  1810-1879 French. Mene one of the most famous of all animalier sculptors  This study of two hunting  dogs a Spaniel and Pointer hunting for the partridge that is hiding under foliage. Circa 1860   (price code C)

Sculptor : Gardet   French.  An unusual study of a gilded bronze Chick and broken egg. mounted on rouge marble base.  Circa 1910. (price code A) 12cm high x 16 cm width. signed and having the Barbedienne foundry seal.



Sculptor: Fremiet recumbent Husky  bronze dog mounted on black marble base. signed and numbered 108. 9.3cm H x 17.9  W x 7.2 D overall.

Circa 1870.  price code A

Sculptor: Maximilien FIOT  1886-1953 French

This lovely bronze study of a wolfhound is a fine sculpture

Circa 1920.  Code A 

newSculptor  Jules Moigniez 1835-1894  French. This good bronze study of a Spaniel  hunting a hare is illustrated in Pierre Kjellberg 19th century book of sculptors. a lovely subject having a rich brown patina. signed and circa 1880. (Price Code B) 

Sculptor: P THOMAS.  working late 19th century. This pair of bronze silvered birds in partial flight is a nice example of this artists work. signed Circa 1880. (price code A)

Sculptor: Emmanual FREMIET 1824-1910  French This small bronze study of a seated cat is a delightful little sculpture. 8 cm high signed. It also has the original  retailers label underneath for Tahan, Boulevard des Italiens 11 Paris . Tahan closed in 1882.  This bronze is  numbered 106. Circa 1880  (Price code A) . 

Sculptor : Gabriel Beauvais born in Paris at the latter part of the 19th Century. This large rare terracotta study of two panthers is

Circa 1930  it is in excellent condition.  (code B)

Unusual Small bronze study of a Mouse with a Walnut. by the sculptor Omerth Circa 1910.  price code A

Pierre Francois Gregoire GIRAUD. 1783-1838. Cast by the Barbedienne Foundry. This small study of a lying hunting hound is a gilded bronze. Circa 1880. (price code A)