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New to our collection 


August Louuis Mathurin MOREAU


The youngest son of this very famous Family from Dijon  August like his brothers and Father was a very accomplished artist.his subjects always full of detail and beauty.

This lovely study of a young woman looking at a bird at her feet. Is charming and beautifully sculpted. It is illustrated in the Pierre Kjellberg 19th Century book of Sculptors.

signed  Aug Moreau  circa 1880.  

approximate size 27 inches.

(small damage to the marble socle)





Hippolyte MOREAU 

Born Dijon 1832

19th Century French Sculptor

The middle Brother of this very Famous

Family from Dijon.

This delightful bronze of a two Young females

probably Mother and Daughter is a lovely double study

really beautiful detail to their dress's and hair.

excellent  patina signed circa 1880.

Ref Kjellberg. 






1883-1950    Belgian. 

Born in Antwerp Theunis studied in Brussels Academy            of Fine Art. Examples of his works can be found in the museums of Ghent and Brussels. This unusual study of a young nude woman standing in front of a monk.

Could be entitled "Temptation"

Circa    1910.   16" H

Ref: Mackay.




An Italian sculptor working in the late 19th and early 20th Century.

This study of a young woman crossing a stream is full of life. signed and having the Art Napoli seal. Circa 1900.

A very unusual bronze Warm brown patina and mounted on an orange marble base. 15" H

Ref: Illustrated BERMAN.



Antoine BOFILL

Born in Barcelona He Exhibited at the 

Paris Salons from 1894.

This delightful bronze of a Young man out 

hunting is Circa 1890 

14 half inches high



   Emile PINEDO  1840-1916  French

   A sculptor and Medal engraver. Pinedo succeeded

   His Father casting many of his own bronzes. He

   made his debut at the Paris Salon of 1870. This 

   Bust of Napoleon Bonaparte is of a very high quality

   even having a miniature medal, and mounted on a 

   black marble base. signed and having the foundry 

   seal. Circa 1890. (22.5cm H)   


new to our collection




Constant Ambroise ROUX

born  1865 in Marseilles Roux specialized in Busts and relief 

portraits of historical figures. This fine bust of a Gladiator

is circa 1920. signed and having the Susse Freres foundry seal

Illustrated in the Berman .  













Eutrope BOURET

1833-1906  French

Bouret was a fine sculptor who exhibited at the Paris Salons on many occasions. This working peasant girl is a lovely subject full of detail and life.

Circa 1890.  approximate size 21 inches.



Xavier RAPHAEL flo:1877-1888 French      

This rare and Unusual bronze study of a young Mother sitting Her Child on the Horse, whilst it drinks from the trough. Is beautifully modeled, and has different patina's

It is mounted on a rouge marble base.       Circa 1880

10inches high 12 & half inches width








New to our collection


Emmanuele VILLANIS

Born in Lille France to Italian Parents.

Flo: late 19th & early 20th Century 

A very accomplished sculptor highly regarded and his pieces are very collectable. This delightful study of a young woman in flowing robes is signed and has the foundry seal it is entitled


Ref: Kjellberg 28 inches High.







new to our collection




Born in Bulgaria he moved to Paris in 1920.

Gantcheff exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Francaises in 1930. This wonderful strong bronze sculpture of a working man is Circa 1925. 










Halfenden HERZBERG

1857-1909 Austrian.

This sculptor had a rather short career but the pieces    he sculpted are of the highest quality. This study of a young street urchin was exhibited at the 1889 exposition in Paris. There is a much larger example in the Christiania Museum. 


Ref: Berman    

21 inches high




  New to our Collection


 Henri GIRAUD   born in Belgium to French Parents

This bronze is taken from the famous oil painting  by

Jean Francois MILLET. entitled "The Angelus" Millet knew rural life as he had been raised on a farm. 

The Angelus was a Catholic devotion time when the church bell rang ,and people stopped their work to pray for a good harvest.

the sculpture is true to the painting showing the farmer and his wife,at their devotion's  very detailed mid brown patina. 17 1/2 inches high.  


 new to our collection

 A unusual decorative desk stand the head comes off

and is a seal. the stick is a pen the top rises on the water

fountain for nibs and the ink well is under the grating.

Great little item mounted on a marble base.. Circa 1900




 New to our collection



 Born Paris 1810 died Paris 1879

This very famous sculptor had a long and illustrious

career. He was known for his Animals and only rarely

will He have a figure, as in this case a Jockey.

This bronze has the title "Vanquer du Derby"        (winner of the Derby) Circa 1870. A fine piece well documented.


Many references can be found on this sculptor. Pierre Kjellberg being one.            







Theodore Louis Auguste RIVIERE    1857-1912.  French

A very dark brown , lost wax study of Sarah Bernhart in her role as 

"SALAMMBO" in a scene from the play "Carthage" Mounted on an integral bronze base. Signed and entitled "CARTHAGE"

Born in Toulouse in 1857 Riviere died in Paris 1912. He studied under Jouffroy, Mercie and Falguiere and exhibited at eh salon from 1876 becoming an associate of the Artistes Francais in 1894. Examples of this artists works can be found in the museums of Bayonne, Nancy, Paris and Reims. A bronze and Ivory version of this pieces can be seen in the Museum of Paris (Orsay).

Foundry Susse Freres Editeurs Paris (scripted) Cire Perdu.

Circa 1900.   16 3/4 H




 This small bronze bust of 

the composer "SCHUBERT"

Is unsigned which is a pity as it is a fine sculpture. 

This study is very detailed and has a good patina

Circa 1900 



Eugene GUILLAUME    "Deliverance" 

1822-1942  French 

This bronze study of a Naked woman holding a sword aloft, was created as a celebration of the First Battle of the Marne when the German army were stopped from capturing Paris in August 1914.

One of the original 16 foot statues is located at the Southern edge of Finchley at Henleys corner. Regents Park Road London.

This bronze is a superb example. Circa 1920







A French sculptor working at the beginning of the

20th century. This is a rare Art Deco study of A   young  nude female on Roller Skates

The sculpture has a wonderful feel of movement

and life. gilded patina a little worn in places

but in original condition. from base of marble to tip of fingers

19 inches high.