Sculpture – Figurative

Sculptor:  Antonio PANDIANI  working C1875-1910  Italian founder Cassa Pandiani Milano Italy. Ths amusing pair of little bronzes entitled “Art of Flirtation”  these are very detailed sculptures.   Circa 1890  (price code B)

Sculptor:  Mathurin MOREAU   1822-1912  French. The eldest son of this very famous family from Dijon. This lovely bronze study of a young woman is entitled “La Vague”  This sculptor exhibited at all the major salons in Paris winning many awards. His work can be seen in the Museum in Dijon and other City’s across France. Circa 1887.  price code C.

Sculptor: Georges PARENTE. This Italian artist worked late 19th and early 20th Century . This delightful study of a young girl crossing a stream is signed and has the Art Napoli Foundry seal. Circa 1900. price code B

soldSculptor: Emmanuel VILLANIS, working in the late 19th century Villanis was influenced by the Art  Nouveau Movement. His pieces are very recognisable as He had a particular style. This small bronze bust has the title “Ida” Villanis specialised in feminine grace and beauty . this little sculpture is circa 1900 price (code A) size 12cm High

soldSculptor: Emmanuel Villanis. Born in Lille of Italian parentage. A fine sculptor who became  famous for his bronze sculpture of beautiful girls and young women. This little bronze bust is entitled “ALDA” Circa 1900.    price code A

soldSculptress Laure COUTAN 1855-1915 French.  this delightful very attractive  bronze of a young peasant girl with a bird on her shoulder is full of life and extremely detailed. A rare sculpture by this artist. Circa 1890 price (code C)  21″ High

Charles Anfrie - Bugler

Sculptor Charles Anfrie.

Born 1833. French.

The Bugler circa 1885.         (Price Code B).                   approx. 13″ high

Mathurin Moreau
  • sold this charming study of a young girl with a watering can.

Signed by the sculptor August MOREAU – 1822-1912.

The eldest son of this famous family of sculptors from Dijon.

Circa 1880.

(Price Code C).

Sculptor: Aime-Jules DALOU   1836-1902  French

This very famous study of the Road worker by Dalou is entitled “Le Grand Paysan” the original large bronze is in the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. This bronze is signed and has the Susse Freres editeur foundry. Very collectable sculpture circa 1890.                           (code B)        13″  High

Sculptor : Jean Louis GREGOIRE  1840=1890  French

This sculptor is renowned for his very detailed work, this fine  bronze of a young boy clipping the wins of a hawk is entitled “Captivity” it has a lovely patina.  signed  Circa 1880. (Code B)

21″ high

Charles Anfrie - The Marine

Sculptor: Charles ANFRIE  Born 1933    French

this sculptor was renowned for his Military figures His attention to detail is remarkable. This Marine is no exception  Circa 1885  (Code B)      13″ High


Sculptor  Ganu GANTCHEFF  born in Bulgaria Gantcheff moved to Paris in 1920 where He studied and exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Francaises in 1930. He also worked for a time at the Golsheider works. This wonderful Art Deco study of a Strong Man pushing a wheel is Circa 1925. (Code B)

Crackle Glaze

Art Deco Crackleware Nude Study bt the Sculptor and Artist Joe Descompes Cormier. 1869    French Descompes studied in Paris and exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Francaises winning many awards. This lovely girl is very typically Art Deco it is signed and in excellent condition. Circa 1925. (Code B)

Sculptor: Georges Van de STRAETEN  born 1856  Belgium. This sculptor exhibited  his work many times at the Paris Salon’s He was well known for his bust of pretty young women so this is an unusual bronze by him of a full figure of a young musician. It is in excellent condition Circa 1900(Code C)

Sculptor: Pierre Le FAGUAYS  born 1892 Nantes France.

Le Faguays was a superb artist of the Art Deco Period. winning many awards a the Paris Salons. He had a rather unique style which is evident in this green patinated bronze male figure seated on  black marble

circa 1920. (Code B)   24″ High