Sculptor  Pierre CAMPAGNE Born 1851  French

Lovely Art Nouveau bust of a young Maiden entitled “La Cigale”

33cm high Price code B

Sculptor:  Hester Mabel WHITE 1870-1948 English.

delightful Art Deco study of a young girl with rabbits

15.5 cm High Price code A

Sculptor : Jean Antonin MERCIE .  1845-1916 French Mercie won the Grand Prix de Rome at the early age of 23. He soon established a great reputation and this bronze of David was one of his masterpieces. The original can be found in the Musee d’ Orsay Paris. This is an excellent example standing 74 cm high and having the Colas seal and Barbedienne foundry signed. A Mercie . Price code D)

Sculptor:   Albert Froger 19th century French

“The Workman” having the Bronze Garanti au titre Paris Cachet.

His debut at the salon 1881 hon mention 1889.

31cm high Price code B

Sculptor:  Marguerite Mackain-Langlois 1896-1979  French

This unusual study of the Christ with two figures is 66cm high x 50cm wide.

Accolades Salon Societe Nationale des beaux Art de Paris  RA Calvert.

Price code B

Price code B.

sculptor: Joseph Michel-Ange Pollet  1814-1870. Small gilded bronze plaque of Christ mounted on a wood easel stand. unusual small piece. Circa 1850 signed. (price code A) 

Sculptor: Louis RICHE  1877-1949 French . Ruche started exhibiting at the early age of 19 years old. A fine sculptor of mainly Art Deco design. This lovely bronze of a young stylish young woman with her two very fashionable Borzois Circa 1923. (43cm H x 50cm W x 13cm D) price code D

Sculptor . Pierre Jules MENE.  1810-1879 French. This impressive beautiful bronze is entitled “Fauconnier Arabe a Cheval” 75cm high. Lovely original patina. Signed and numbered 172. (P.O.A)

Sculptor: Daubree. 19th century French This bronze study of Christ is mounted on wood branches. An unusual crucifix beautifully sculpted.   Circa 1900 price code. A

Sculptor:  Raphael NANNINI born in Florence. This fine bronze bust of the Emperor Napoleon is mounted on a green striated marble base. 26cm high Circa 1905. (price code B) 


 Sculptor Dominique ALONZO. Female French Sculptress. working 1910-1930. Her sculptures are always beautiful and Medieval subjects were some her most delightful this young maiden looking into her Jewellery box  is whilst sitting on a Carrera marble wall. Bronze and Ivory. signed in the marble. Circa 1915. (price code D) 39cm H/24cm W/17cm D

Sculptor: Auguste MOREAU. 1855-1919 French the youngest brother of this most famous family of artist from Dijon. This delightful study of a young boy playing with a duck is’ typical of Moreau’s excellent work, Circa 1890 (price code B)    24cm high/13cm depth.

Sculptor Hippolyte MOREAU 1831-1927.  French. This very pretty bronze is has the title “Charmeuse” The young girl charming the birds. Lovely patina Circa 1890. 60 cm high Price code B 

Sculptor:  Emile Andre BOUSSEAU.  1842-1923  French. Bousseau studied at the Ecole Beaux Arts in Paris and went on to exhibit him sculptur many times at the Paris Salon. This very attractive study of a medieval Lady is full of detail and a fine sculpture. Pieces by the artist can be found in the Museum at Varzy. Circa 1890. price code B.

Sculptor: Pedro Ramon Rigual. working in Paris from 1900-1925. This rather unusual bronze of two Jockeys jumping the hedge is Circa 1910. signed and in lovely condition. It has the title “Saut de la Haie”  40 cm High. nose to tail 43 cm wide. Price code C

  Sculptor : Karl KORSCHANN  Born 1872-1943  Mordova

This delightful study of a young shepherdess with her flock is.  Circa 1900

(Price code. B)

Sculptor: Victor ROUSEAU  1865-1954 A delightful little bronze study of a young fisher boy. Proudly holding up his catch. Circa 1920   38 cm High. (price code A)

Sculptor: Pierre Felix Fix-Maseau. 1869-1937  French. Delightful study of a young maiden with a kitten tugging at her dress. signed and Circa 1900. (Price code B)

Sculptor: Georges PARENTE Italian.

This delightful study of a happy girl crossing a stream has the Art Napoli Foundry seal  Circa 1900. Price code B

Sculptor: A.Calmels and Jean Jean PRADIER. 1792-1852  French.

A really unusual and beautiful pair of Neopolitan Musicians one entitled "Danseur Aux Castagnette" the Other "Joul Ur de Binlou" Circa 1850. Price code D

newsculptor: Mathurin MOREAU. 1822-1912  Dijon France. Mathurin was the eldest son of this very famous family of sculptors from Dijon. He specialised in genre figures and especially beautiful girls. This delightful bronze of a young country girl reading on her way back from market. Circa 1890. 60cm high. price code B

newSculptor:  Georges COLIN 1876-1917  French  This lovely study of a young maiden with a gilded patina is signed Colin et cie.  31cm high . Circa 1900. price code B


newSculptor: Ruffony  was working around 1900-1920.  French

This  small bronze of a working man sharpening his Scythe has a softly gilded patina with a little wear here and there. 9 inches high signed and it is illustrated in the Berman Vol 3 No 2431.   (price code A)

Sculptor:  RENDA (Italian)

This bronze bust is entitled "EXTASE"  signed . Fonderie Art Langana Napoli circa 1920 23cm high. price code A

newAmadeo GENNARELLI   1881 - 1943     Italian

Gennarelli was born in Naples and exhibited  there in 1913-1914 He also exhibited in Paris .

This dark green patinated bronze study of a man tying up wheat sheaths. It  is signed and stamped No 7          Circa 1920.             Code A

newAmadea GENNARELLI     1881 - 1943   Italian

Gennarelli was born in Naples where he exhibited his work from 1913 onwards He also exhibited in the Paris Salons. His work is now highly collectable and not easily found. This impressionistic  study of a man drinking from a flask is Circa 1920.   Code B