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Sculptor :  August CAIN  1821-1894  French

A very realistic and detailed study of  a Chicken and Chick’s with an upturned basket . delightful study by this very famous sculptor of animals. lovely original condition. signed circa 1860.26 x 15 cm marble base/ height 23.5 cm  Price code A

Sculptor: Ferdinand PAUTROT 1832-1874  French . Pautrot was a fine animal sculptor. He exhibited often at the Paris salon and he was highly regarded by his peers. This bronze of a bird in flight is Circa 1870. Price code A.

Sculptor:  Clovis MASON  1838-1913  French. Mason  specialised in animal sculpture this delightful bronze study of a Mouse with marble sugar cubes is Circa 1885  signed and in very nice original condition.

Price code A    

Sculptor :  HINGRE.

This delightful study of a Queen and her kittens is signed circa 1880. 13.5 cm high price code A

Sculptor: Maximilien  FIOT.  1886-1953. French. This delightful study of a seated wolfhound. is circa 1930. signed 18 cm high Price Code B

Sculptor: Paul COMOLERA 1818-1897  French This large study of two pigeons. entitled “Deau Pigeons s’aimaient d’ amour tender” mean two pigeons who loved each other tenderly. From the fable Le Fontaine a very fine and detailed bronze. Circa 1886.  code poa



Sculptor: Maximilien FIOT  1886-1953 French

This lovely bronze study of a wolfhound is a fine sculpture

Circa 1920.  Code A 

newSculptor  Paul Edourd DELABRIERRE 1829-1912  French. This good bronze study of a Spaniel  has a pale brown patina. signed and circa 1870. Code A 

newJules MOIGNIEZ  1835 - 1894  French

Moigniez was one of the leading sculptors of his day. He specialised in Animal and Bird studies. This delightful little bronze of a Capercaillie  and her chicks is very detailed and in excellent original condition. Circa 1870.  Code A.

Sculptor : Gabriel Beauvais born in Paris at the latter part of the 19th Century. This large rare terracotta study of two panthers is

Circa 1930  it is in excellent condition.  (code B)

A.Sculptor Valentine de CHAPONEY  1838-1929  French. This charming study in bronze of a Bloodhound. Is Circa 1880  Price code A.

Sculptor. Charles Louis Eugene VIRION

Born in Ajaccio Corsica 1865. Virion studied in Paris and exhibited at the Paris Salons this German Shepherd Dog is a Good example of his work Circa 1895.  Code (A)